Healthy Clay Strategic Plan
Approved April 24, 2012


Healthy Clay is a coalition of organizations and individuals working together to encourage healthy lifestyle choices by those living and working in Clay County through policy and community change.


In 10 years, Clay County will be:

  • A community that recognizes and builds on its assets to create an economically vital and healthy place where people want to live, work and visit;
  • Located within a cherished natural environment that provides many opportunities for active lifestyle choices;
  • A community where an awareness of health and wellness is fully integrated into the policies and activities of worksites, schools and organizations; and
  • A community that celebrates the success of individuals, families, and organizations who value and pursue healthy lives.


Adopt a communications plan that informs and encourages community partners to act in support of health and wellness

  • Develop a communications plan for Healthy Clay.
  • Create public awareness through educational programs that create preferences for healthy living.
  • Establish the Healthy Clay web site to promote the messages, programs and successes of Healthy Clay.
  • Use events and activities that highlight healthy living to increase public awareness.


Encourage and support community efforts to establish an infrastructure that expands healthy living choices, access to health and wellness programs and increases community safety

  • Support and encourage city and county governments in the development of joint projects to develop new recreational and physical activity infrastructure.
  • Improve signage to assure easy access to trails, parks and other active living facilities.
  • Residents will have access to safe and quality housing.
  • Sponsor events or activities that bring visitors to the community to engage in activities that take advantage of the assets of the natural environment.
  • Develop a comprehensive recreational plan for the county.
  • Increase availability of Emergency Response Services (personnel, equipment and facilities).


Encourage and support the expansion of healthy lifestyle choices for all employed persons in Clay County – worksite initiatives

  • Employers are aware of  the importance of their employees’ health status on their bottom line.
  • Worksites will support healthy eating choices.
  • Work sites will have policies that promote healthy lifestyle choices by their employees.
  • Employers support their employees in making health living choices.


Encourage and support the expansion of healthy lifestyle choices for all school-age persons in Clay County – school initiatives

  • Schools model healthy living and wellness decision-making.
  • Integrate healthy living choice and wellness into the school curriculum.
  • Schools have gardens to provide food and to serve as learning laboratories as space is available.
  • Schools promote physical activity by students to reduce childhood obesity.
  • All schools adopt and  enforce no tobacco rules.
  • Students, faculty and staff promote healthy living.


Encourage and support the expansion of healthy lifestyle choices for all persons in Clay County where ever they live – family/community initiatives

  • Increase the involvement of persons throughout the county in healthy living programs.
  • Offer seed grants to communities for programs and activities to promote healthier lifestyles.
  • Clay County become a smoke free in public places county.
  • People have access to and use more locally grown foods.
  • Increase public knowledge of how to eat healthy.


Strengthen the operating structure and financial stability of Healthy Clay so as to assure sustainability of programming

  • Formalize the operating structure and processes of Healthy Clay by adopting operational policies that address the governance structure of continuity of leadership.
  • Increase the capacity of Healthy Clay for grant writing.
  • Increase the resources available to support Healthy Clay programs.
  • Review and revise as needed the strategic plan at least every two years.

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